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Explore Our Available Protection Dogs | Find Your Perfect Companion
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Personal Protection Dogs | Family Protection Dogs | Our Protection Dogs
Explore Our Available Protection Dogs | Find Your Perfect Companion
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Personal Protection Dogs | Family Protection Dogs | Our Protection Dogs
Explore Our Available Protection Dogs | Find Your Perfect Companion
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At Our Protection Dogs, we understand the importance of having a well-trained and reliable family or personal protector. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional protection dogs that are easy to handle and manage.

Personal Protection Dogs and Family Protection Dogs

We specialize in personal protection dogs and family protection dogs. Each of our dogs is carefully selected from reputable breeders or bred in our own program. They are raised in our home as part of our family before they are introduced to their new families.

Well-Raised and Socialized Dogs

Our dogs are extensively socialized with other dogs and humans, ensuring they are well-mannered and trained. They grow up in a normal home environment, living with a large pack of dogs. This experience enables them to be proficient in dog language and getting along with other dogs.

We take great pride in the meticulous training and development of your new family or personal protector, ensuring they are exceptionally well-prepared for you to handle and manage with ease.

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Confidentiality and Safety
We prioritize confidentiality and the safety of you and your family. Rest assured that your information and privacy are of utmost importance to us.

Healthy and Sound Dogs
We place a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of our dogs. Each and every dog undergoes hip and elbow x-rays to ensure they are healthy and free from any issues.

Tailor-Trained Dogs for Your Lifestyle
We have only a limited number of dogs available each year, exclusively trained for their new families. We take great care in selecting the right dog for each family or individual, ensuring that your protector seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

Book Early and Join Our Guardian Owners
Early booking is essential, as we prioritize quality over quantity. It also allows us enough time to assess if you and your family are the perfect fit for an Our Protection Dogs guardian owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

With us you pay for quality and service. Our dogs are extensively trained and raised in a home environment. This is a 24 hour a day job for at least 2 years. Lots of time, energy and passion go into our dogs. Most of these dogs get raised from puppy. We feed them a high quality puppy food for optimum growth and health. All vaccinations and vet checks gets done and kept up to date. Their hips and elbows get checked, so you can have peace of mind.

Our protection dogs get trained on a high standard. With us you will get a dog with exceptional obedience and impressive protection skills. A trick or two might also be included…

We help and advice you on your journey with your dog. We love to see all your new memories that you are making with our dog. Our doors or phone are always open for advice,guidance or updates. At the handover off your new dog we spend time with you, teaching and guiding you on how to work with these amazing animals. We will make sure that you feel comfortable with your new companion.

Yes, they definitely will.

We can say this out of personal experience with taking adult dogs into our home. If this was not possible, you wouldn’t be able to adopt pets from shelters. Dogs are very adaptable. It takes about 2-6 months for the dog to really settle in his/her new home. We are here to guide you through the process. A year later it will feel like the dog has been with you for a lifetime.

You just have to keep in mind that it is not a machine, it is a living creature with needs and wants of his/her own. The beauty of a dog is that it only works for you if it wants to. This process needs to come from both sides, the human should also make an effort to get to know the dog, set boundaries, give love and attention and offer leadership.

All our dogs get socialized with other dogs. They live in homes with other dogs and also get thought not to be reactive to other dogs while out on a walk.

Dogs also have personalities of their own, sometimes personalities clash. This is why we take great care in choosing the right dog for you that will fit in with your family. If you already have lots of other dogs, then maybe we can help you to set up a management plan.

Socializing with other pets can be arranged with us.

All our dogs get socialized with children. We also help you choose a dog that would be suitable for your specific home. Children should also be taught how to work with these dogs.

Contact us to explain your individual needs.

No not at all. We do not train these dogs to be aggressive, we teach them how to fight. Like a boxer, they are not aggressive, but they know how to defend themselves. We teach them skills and prepare them for what they might encounter so that they are confident and know how to handle certain situations.

We train these dogs to be firstly companions, they should be a part of the family and offer love and enjoyment. With the benefit of being able to protect.
But you should be open to manage these dogs differently than your pets, they are after all a working dog and their needs might differ.

Yes, and No. It depends on the breed you get and on the bloodlines. Your Germans shepherds and Malinois do shed and have to be brushed regularly. Some of the Malinois bloodlines have very short coats and these dogs shed a little less.

Shedding can definitely be managed by regular brushing with the right brush. To us shedding is a small price to pay for the protection, devotion and love you get from these dogs.

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